About Our Services

We partner with companies to generate leads with YouTube ads.

You Only Pay For Leads Generated

We work 100% by results, meaning that you only pay for leads that we generate from running YouTube ads. You do not pay for video production or ad spends. We take the risk of getting you a positive ROI. We produce the videos (with your approval), buy the ads, and test/adjust campaigns to get results.

We Have Skin In the Game

Having skin in the game pushes us to get results. We make money only if you make money. It makes sense, if you can not get new customers with YouTube ads then why run them? Before getting started we will evaluate your business to see if YouTube ads will make sense for you.

Getting Started

If you would like to see if YouTube ads will work for your company please contact us for a free evaluation. We will take a close look at your business and see if YouTube ads will be a good idea for your company. If we feel we can successfully generate new customers for your company we will give you a proposal to move forward.

How It Works

Video Production

For video production you will have creative authority. Meaning you can say yes or no to the ideas we can up with for creative pieces. The video formats we use are talking heads, interviews, documentaries, skits, and animation.

Organic Video Views

Most videos do not go viral but instead receive a steady stream of traffic from organic YouTube search and recommended videos.

YouTube Ads

I am sure you have seen these skippable video ads that play before YouTube videos, in the search results, and in the suggested videos section (to the right). We mostly buy these ads but also use networks like Virool and Facebook video ads (depending on your industry).

Why YouTube?

The platform is not yet saturated. If you are one of the first businesses to use YouTube ads in your niche they will be much more effective and the price will be lower (less competitive bids).


About Vismomedia

We have been creating videos since 2009. We have worked with both small businesses and big companies. We can create videos as short as 15 seconds or a long as 90 minutes. We have the capabilities to produce any type of video.

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Here are a few of the companies we have worked with in the past.

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