About Our Services

We partner with companies to generate leads with YouTube ads.

You Only Pay For Leads Generated

We work 100% by results, meaning that you only pay for leads that we generate from running YouTube ads. You do not pay for video production or ad spends. We take the risk of getting you a positive ROI. We produce the videos (with your approval), buy the ads, and test/adjust campaigns to get results.

We Have Skin In the Game

Having skin in the game pushes us to get results. We make money only if you make money. It makes sense, if you can not get new customers with YouTube ads then why run them? Before getting started we will evaluate your business to see if YouTube ads will make sense for you.

Getting Started

If you would like to see if YouTube ads will work for your company please contact us for a free evaluation. We will take a close look at your business and see if YouTube ads will be a good idea for your company. If we feel we can successfully generate new customers for your company we will give you a proposal to move forward.

How It Works

Step 1 - Will YouTube Ads Work For Your Business?

The first step is to find out how big your audience is on YouTube. Since we are taking risk to help you generate leads for your business we want to make sure we have a high probability for success before getting started.

The main thing we look for is if people are searching for information that relates to buying your product/service. Things like product reviews, tips or secrets are good signs that your audience is engaged. It is important to note that YouTube ads will not work for all businesses so if we do not think we can generate leads for your company we will let you know.

Step 3 - Video Production

After we run our pilot campaign we will then come up with new video campaign ideas.

For all video production you will have creative authority. Meaning you can say yes or no to the ideas we can up with for creative pieces. The video formats we use are talking heads, interviews, documentaries, skits, and animation.

Step 2 - Running a Pilot Campaign

After we both agree to move forward we start with running a pilot campaign. During this time we test different content messages with different audiences.

As we gather information it will become clear as to how much the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) will be. After we see that we are getting results we can then move forward and scale new campaigns.

Step 4 - Scale New Campaigns

After we learn what works and we are getting results with specific audiences and messages we can then scale campaigns to larger sizes. You will also start to get organic (free) views for your videos as your YouTube channel gets a reputation as being a good resources for information in your industry.


About Vismomedia

We have been creating videos since 2009. We have worked with both small businesses and big companies. We can create videos as short as 15 seconds or a long as 90 minutes. We have the capabilities to produce any type of video.

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Here are a few of the companies we have worked with in the past.

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